Is Your Facbook Engagement Going Down?

Is Your Facbook Engagement Going Down?

As we have always said to our clients, social media moves at a fast rate with all the platforms changing sometimes on a daily basis and training and strategy reviews are key to any business using these platforms. As a business we like to ensure we help our clients to achieve the best results possible, so with that in mind we have pulled together a current review on changes within Facebook with some suggestions on how we can help you manage the challenges ahead. In November 2014 Facebook released their statement detailing the future of Facebook for free advertisement. As a company managing many businesses online, this is an area the team have been monitoring closely and we are now seeing the effects which are not great for Facebook pages with smaller audiences!

Here are a few extracts from the statement to give a better understanding: (

Facebook state that their goal with News Feeds has always been about showing people the things they want to see. This is why engagement, i.e. likes, shares and commenting, has been very important over the last 8 months for business pages. Facebook said that following their investigations they realised that people do not want to see promotional posts, i.e. posts that are selling, posts that push products, posts directed for the reader to enter, posts that use the same content from their advertisements.

Since January 2015 this has been the challenge for most business pages with smaller audiences, even if they were getting lots of engagement. Facebook have tightened up - REMEMBER THEY WANT YOU TO BUY ADVERTS!!! In fact the modest £50 per month advertising budget we recommend to clients is now not even producing much activity.

Your page may have already suffered from the new content controls that have enforced and you may have seen your reach of each post decline.... this actually means that even less people are now seeing your posts on their walls so they don't even get the chance to like, comment or enquire now unless they specifically visit your page.

Facebook states that they know pages are important to businesses and reading between the lines, and from various industry experts, the way forward will be challenging for business on this FREE platform! It’s the same old story with most things, you get a free taster and then you need to pay to switch on all the features. This feels very much like this only it’s wrapped up differently.

So what do we suggest?
Well it’s hard to say but there are a few options
1. Keep a presence on Facebook pages with weekly posts but concentrate on other mediums to drive traffic to your website.

2. If your business can, use facebook live, videos and pictures via Instagram. Your engagement will hopefully then increase.

3. Set up a group..... BUT WORD OF WARNING.... Groups are great, (for certain businesses for example Beauticians), - to discuss products and gain feedback from customers, letting agents to discuss properties and to answer questions etc. However, there are definite warnings for groups.

One of our clients set up a group for their business and within days there were over 900 people who joined the private group -great you may say! However, very soon this became a platform that required 24 hour policing. There were people promoting their own products on the group that were in direct competition, there was a personal attack on the company which got out of hand in minutes and proceeded to escalate into many discussion threads, not to mention the time that required to be dedicated to it.

So if you are going to open a group please think about it first, it is a great forum but can just as easily be the demise of a business.

4. Look at new platforms to promote your business - i.e. mobile apps. Increase your Twitter and Google +, (which increases your search rankings), LinkedIn Company Pages or what about Snapchat

Building a robust strategy for digital marketing is key but reviewing it monthly is more important now than ever before.
All our social media management clients receive a monthly review however from next month we will be dissusing how we will make effective changes to their digital strategy to enhace their online visibility. Stephenie will be scheduling in face to face meetings from next week.